Immersive Art Program - Season Closed

This is a C.T. English Middle School after-school art program

Teacher: Helen O’Dea

Location: Art room

Day and time: Tuesdays 2:50pm - 4:20pm

Duration: The classes are 90 minutes in length. Each session runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

Cost for each session: $110.00 ($90.00 class fee for the 6 week session and a $20.00 materials fee). The materials fee is a variable cost that can change with each session.

Experience: The art classes can accommodate all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of varying abilities and experience. No prior art training is required. Interest in art is a must. Students must be interested in learning new art skills or in growing their current skills. Several 8th grade students are established artists and will be able to expand their skills while those who have had little exposure to art will enjoy learning and developing the new skills. 

About the Classes: This series of art classes will give students a solid basis and understanding of the creative process, and art concepts and techniques. Students will immerse themselves in the creative process putting their learning to practice with hands-on experience. The art class encourages self-expression where they will experience the freedom of tapping into their own intuition as they learn to work with various mediums and are taught various techniques. The focus is on creating original art works. One size does not fit all when it comes to art. 

  • Class 1: Introduction to Ceramics (Tuesday, in progress)
  • Class 2: Fundamentals of Drawing (Tuesday, starts 03/06)
  • Class 3: Color Fundamentals (Tuesday, starts 04/24)

See the school Online Art Gallery for examples of art work.      


Class 1: Introduction to Ceramics

**Class has finished**

The students will learn slab building techniques to form a tubular pot. Inspiration for decoration will be drawn from the mountains of their home; trees, hills, animals, and so on. The students will learn how to carve into the clay to create bas relief images, explore the application of textures and to incise open areas in the clay.  

Start date: Tuesday, January 16th (The second Tuesday back after the Holidays)

Dates: The session runs for 6 consecutive weeks, starting January 16th. The additional classes are: January 23, January 30, February 6, February 13, February 20.

Audience: Preference will be given to 8th and 7th grade students not currently taking Art at C.T. English. If your student is considering taking Art in High School this class will give them the kick-start they need to develop the skills and confidence to design and create  artistic works.

Registration is due by January 12.


Class 2: Fundamentals of drawing 

**Registration is closed**

Dates: Class starts Tuesday, March 6. The session runs for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Registration is due by March 3. Download the Registration Form below.

Description: This class introduces students to the basics of drawing covering line, values, and various black and white media.This class is aimed towards providing the students with the fundamentals of Drawing. Topics include:

  • One and two point perspective
  • Contour, 
  • Cross contour
  • Value
  • Still life
  • Figure drawing (if time allows)


Class 3: Color Fundamentals

**Registration is open**

Dates: Class starts Tuesday, April 24. The session runs for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Registration is due by April 12. Download the Registration Form below.

Description: In this class students learn about the basics of color theory and the relationship of color to medium and expression. This class is aimed towards providing the students with the fundamentals of Color. Topics include:

  • Color Wheel, Tints and Shades
  • Complimentary color ranges
  • Analogous color ranges
  • Warm and cool colors
  • Atmospheric perspective

Placment: Priority is given to 8th grade, then siblings, then 7th, then open to students presently in the Art classes.


General Registration

Late registrations accepted by prior approval only. If there is insufficient enrollment, the session will be cancelled! 

To register, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and attach a check payable to C.T. English Home and School Club or pay online with PayPal. Return your completed permission slip to the Home and School Club drop-box in the C.T. English office.

Enrollment is limited to the first 15 students who enroll. Only fully paid registrations will be considered as enrolled. Each session must have a minimum of 8 students for the session to be feasible. A maximum enrollment exists to ensure the quality of the students experience. Priority will be given to 8th and 7th grade students who do not get a chance to do art during school time. Siblings are welcome to sign up and will be accepted if space allows. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Will the art classes run until the end of the year?

Yes, if there is enough demand each class will run as a 6-week unit, each focusing on different elements of art, such as line, value, color, construction, ceramics, and more. Classes will run until May.

How long is each of the classes?

90 minutes

Can these art classes accommodate all ages and all levels of experience? 

Art is a creative process and it is very common in art classes to have students of varying ages, abilities, and experience. All students from 6th to 8th grade, are well able to work within the program and develop their own innate creativity. Several 8th grade students are established artists and  will be able to expand their skills while those who have had little exposure to art will enjoy learning and developing the new skills. The program will develop the confidence of all students in their artistic abilities. 

What are the requirements for the program?

No prior art training is required. Interest in art is a must. Students must be interested in learning new art skills or in growing their current skills. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their projects. We ask that all students must be respectful of the teacher and each other so that everyone gets the best value from the art class. 

Can I get a refund if my child is sick or wants to opt out?

We do not issue refunds for missed classes or for changing your mind after you have started the art program. We also do not offer make-up classes for any reason.

A student who has missed a class can arrange with Mrs. O’ Dea to go to the Art room at lunch time on the days when it is open, for a consultation and assistance on work done in the art class. Students would complete this work at home.

Student can not learn about the work they missed during another class as classes switch media and they will need to focus on the class work for that day.

Students can not make up a class in another session of classes as each session is independent focusing on a different topic. 

If your student misses a class, please contact Helen O’Dea. 

What happens if the art class is cancelled?

If for any reason the art class is cancelled, we will either arrange for all affected students to attend at another time or refund the cost of the class. 

Who is Helen O’ Dea?

 Helen O’ Dea is from Tipperary, Ireland, but now lives in the Santa Cruz mountains. She is a fine art painter and printmaker, though better known locally for her work in Silver. She is also a well known artist and teacher at C.T. English Middle School. 

She is dedicated to creating high quality professional-level art programs. She inspires students to enjoy the tactile element of art and the challenges that are posed by working in different mediums. The art program is designed to be fun, engaging, and exploratory - Helen nurtures students in the development of their skills enabling them to navigate the creative process using their instincts and design methods. Students also learn how the slow steady nature of art work can be relaxing and therapeutic.

I can’t pick my child(ren) up when the class is over. Can they wait in the art room?

Parents/legal guardians MUST pick up their children from the Art room within five (5) minutes of the class ending time. Teaching faculty cannot be responsible for children past this period. Children who are not picked up when the class is over will be sent to Kids and Company, as per C.T. English school policy. After school care at Kids and Company will be charged at their current rate.

Can I bring my own supplies to supplement the materials provided? 

Most definitely, if they want to bring them. Many students have materials at home that they work with on a regular basis and like to use. Stating that, there are plenty of materials available in class for each student and they do not have to have their own materials. C.T. English Home and School Club (CTEHSC) is not responsible for lost or stolen personal materials. It is at the students discretion if they want to share with other students.

What happens if I’m late to class?

Classes start promptly at 2:50 and end promptly at 4:20pm. Late arrivals can disrupt the class. Students are expected to join the class quietly and follow the instruction that was given. 

Under what circumstances will students be sent to Kids and Company?

There is a 5 minute leeway at the end of class for clean up. Mrs. O' Dea is not available to stay longer than that in the art room. There are no exceptions. 

Students of parents who are routinely late to pick them up will be sent to Kids and CompanyKids and Company will be notified of the remaining students and parents will be expected to pay for the after-school care at Kids and Company

Students who’s actions interfere with learning and distract the teacher from teaching the class will be sent to Kids and Company. Parents will be expected to pay for the care there. 

Will snacks be provided for students or should they bring their own?

We strongly suggest that all students eat a snack before they start the art class. Depending on the project, it can be very difficult to manage food, drinks, and creative works all at once.

Students can bring snacks and drinks so long as eating and drinking does not interfere with the learning and creative process for them or their fellow students. ALL FOOD MUST BE NUT FREE!

All drinks must have lids on them. Water is preferred. A spilled drink can ruin the art work for one or more students. 

We will have a popcorn machine and we will provide popcorn to students who want it.  

All students must be polite, clean up their drinks and snacks, keep the room clean, and follow instructions about disposal of food waste.

Can I bring my iPod or other device to listen to music? 

Yes - it is encouraged, so long as you use it at appropriate times designated by the teacher.

Using a device for taking photos, texting family or friends, accessing apps such as instagram, snapchat, or others, without having received the specific permission of the teacher for each situation, will result in disciplinary measures. All school rules and policies apply.

Will you use a potter's wheel or glaze the ceramics?

We will not be using a potter’s wheel, nor will we be glazing our work.

What if one of the art projects is the same as what my kids are already doing in art at school?

The only overlap is for the 6th grade students. They will be doing the ceramics project in class in January. I will encourage students to take their class project further or they can work on a new project.

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