Cheetah Boosters

Cheetah Boosters is an important program that operates in partnership with the C.T. English Middle School athletics program. This program provides funding for some of the major costs of the athletics league programs, such as participation fees, uniforms, assistant coaches, equipment, first aid supplies,  refreshments, and more.

You can actively promote sportsmanship and team spirit on campus by becoming a member of the Cheetah Booster program run by CTEHSC. As a Cheetah Booster volunteer you will participate in social and fundraising events that raise money to support the C.T. English Middle School after school sports program, run under the guidance of our athletic director Nancy Lanovaz. 

The success of the sports program is made possible through the support of volunteers who donate their time, and through the monetary donations, sports fees, and fundraising events that directly support the sports program. All monetary support is put directly back into funding equipment, uniforms, awards, and for paying fees and other costs associated with the sports.

C.T. English Middle School is a member of the West Valley Athletic League, a sports program, which serves 13 middle schools, that allows our students to participate in the following after-school sports for the 2017-2018 Season:

All Sports in the 2018-2019 Season:

  • Boys Volleyball/Girls Soccer: Aug. 27 - Oct. 10
  • Cross Country: Sept. 4 - Oct. 10
  • Girls Basketball: Oct 15 - Dec 12
  • Wrestling: Oct. 1 - Dec 14
  • Boys Basketball: Dec. 17 - Feb. 13
  • Girls Volleyball/Boys Soccer: Feb. 25 - April 3
  • Track & Field: April 15 - May 22

All parents of participating athletes are asked to make a tax deductible donation of $100 to support the athletic program, but no student will be excluded from participation because his/her parents choose not to donate.  Donations to the sports program can be made to “LPJUSD” using tax ID #52-1692041. Uniforms are provided and are to be returned at the end of each season.

Read more about the C.T. English Middle School after school sports program on the school website.  

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