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March Update

March 01, 2018


This month we would like to introduce you to Caren Hespeler, VP of Fundraising. Fundraising is a critical component of the CTE Home and School Club as the money we raise sponsors many programs and events for students and staff. We always welcome more volunteers to help make these events a success. See the Volunteer Interest Sheet for a list of  programs and events that need your support. Reach out to the volunteer leads, who are listed on our website (, to get more information about a specific opportunity or email us at

Thank you to everyone who supported the Staff Appreciation Savory Brunch last February, 14. It was a great success. The "off the mountain" fun night skating was also a great success thanks to the support of many parent volunteers taking the time to organize and supervise the event.

Have a fun-filled March!



Get to know a CTEHSC board member: VP of Fundraising, Caren Hespeller

My name is Caren Hespeler and have 2 kids. My CT-er is Anna in 6th grade and my son, Jordan, is now at Los Gatos High School after enjoying his almost 3 years at CT. We moved to the mountains from Campbell in October of the 2014 school year and have been enjoying all that mountain life has to offer.

I am excited to serve on the Home and School Club of CT as the Vice President of Fundraising. This position felt very fitting since I was the person to bring the Goodwill Truck fundraiser to the mountain! We are getting ready for our 4th donation drive since I organized it and have raised $7312.52 for both Loma and CT HSC so far!

Along with my interest in fundraising, I truly enjoy being part of a dedicated community to help our students have a well rounded experience at CT. I have helped organize past Boo Bashes at Loma, created the new Loma Gear last year, and organized the Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire this past December. I was honored to be named Volunteer of the Year last year by Loma HSC and will always appreciate the kind words Corey Kidwell spoke. She not only thanked the Volunteers of the Year, but their families as well. She thanked us for our time and effort but then showed her appreciation of the volunteer’s family. This was very moving to me because over the years of serving on various non-profit boards, my family has had to come to understand my dedication of service and my “fluctuation in moods” while an event draws near! They are my biggest cheerleaders and couldn’t do all of this service without their help, especially my super supportive husband, Josh. To hear Corey recognize this sacrifice was the best thanks I’ve ever received as a volunteer. Many of us board members and volunteers often go without thanks, but continue to strive to make a difference, because seeing that difference is worth every minute of effort and every moment that went unthanked.

I look forward to the day I look back at the time I served at CT and recount all of the things I helped with, originally wanting to help my kids, but in turn helping all students and staff. Here’s to at least one more Holiday Craft Faire, many more Goodwill Trucks, and maybe a CT Cheetahs logo design for shirts and sweatshirts!! 

Caren Hespeler 


March Upcoming Dates     

03/06   After-school art class: The Fundamentals of Drawing

03/06   8th grade Washington DC meeting (Loma Forum) - 7:00pm

03/14   CTEHSC Board Meeting - 8:30am

03/19   Staff Developement (No School)

NOTE: Movie night, scheduled for Friday 3/9 has been postponed. Watch out for a new date!


NEW PROGRAM: Immersive Art with Helen O' Dea

Helen’s art classes have been such a success that we have added 2 more classes!

Registration is now closed for the new art class, The Fundamentals of Drawing, that started yesterday. Once again we had an overwhelming demand for the class. We can not take any more students as we are at full capacity.

For all art classes, space is limited to the first 15 signups and continues for a 6 week period. Class size is limited to between 8 and 15 students. Registration is processed on a first-paid basis.This series of art classes will give students a solid basis and understanding of the creative process, and art concepts and techniques. Students will immerse themselves in the creative process putting their learning to practice with hands-on experience. The art class encourages self-expression where they will experience the freedom of tapping into their own intuition as they learn to work with various mediums and are taught various techniques.

Read more about Immersive Art with Helen O’ Dea and download the Registration Form.

  • Class 2: Fundamentals of Drawing (Tuesday, starts 03/06) - REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED
  • Class 3: Color Fundamentals (Tuesday, starts 04/24 - REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN

The art classes can accommodate all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of varying abilities and experience. No prior art training is required. Interest in art is a must.


FUNDRAISING: The Goodwill Truck Returns to the Mountain MAY 19 & 20!

The CT English and Loma Prieta Home and School Clubs  will once again sponsor our 4th Goodwill Donation and E-WASTE Drive Fundraiser this May. Your donations will provide crucial support to the lifelines of the mission at Goodwill of Silicon Valley, and also  provide support for both CTE and Loma Home and School Clubs!

Our past Goodwill Trucks on the mountain have raised over $7,300 for our Home and School Clubs! Please continue your efforts to help our students by doing some spring cleaning and emptying your cabinets and closets! Please bring your E-WASTE, old clothes, books, household items, and more to the Building Blocks Preschool Parking Lot at 23845 Summit Road. The truck attendant will accept donations Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20 from 9:00AM - 4:00PM both days! (Please do not drop off donations while trailer is unattended.) Please send any questions to


Goodwill Silicon Valley Donation Drive Events Will Gladly Accept All But The Following Donations:



•Large appliances

•Exercise Equipment

•Automobile parts


•Household trash, food, or carpeting

•Construction debris, lumber, concrete, bricks, etc.

•Hazardous household chemicals or liquids of any kind (paints, insecticides, oils, flammables, alcohol, etc.)

•Pet related items

•Items over 50 lbs.

The Home and School Clubs thank you for bringing us your gently used and unwanted items! Feel free to spread the word to family, friends and neighbors. The Goodwill and our Home and School Clubs are grateful for the privilege of serving the members of our community.


After-School Sports Update

  • ​Upcoming sports: Track & Field: April 2 - May 17
  • Girls Volleyball (Feb. 12 - April 5): We have 4 volleyball teams. For more information and game schedules, see Girls volleyball after-school sports program
  • Boys Soccer (Feb. 12 - April 5): We are planning on fielding two soccer teams.  A 6/7th grade team and a 7/8th grade team. For more information and game schedules, see Boys soccer after-school sports program.
  • Wrestling News Wrap Up: Do you know that we have a wrestling team? Are you aware of how good the team is? Read about the highlights of the season in the Wrestling End of Season Update.


Yoga Update

Now that the PE Portable has been removed to make way for the new construction, Yoga classes are being held in the  temporary community room (near Building Blocks) across the street from the school.  Class times for both adult and youth yoga remain the same. All  CT students attending after school yoga, must have written permission on file at the CT office to cross the bridge after school (parents can email Julie in the C.T. office). Loma students attending the class must  be picked up at school and brought over to the community room by parents or by a C.T. sibling who has permission to do so.  

Read more about Youth Yoga on our webpage.



CTEHSC Board Meeting

The next CTEHSC Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 14th at 8:30am in the shared portable meeting room (near the kinder play yard). All parents are welcome to attend. If you are interested in joining the CTEHSC Board,  please email Cris Vaughan.



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