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November Update

November 01, 2017

Get to know a CTEHSC board member: Secretary, Karen Hackett

Hi everyone!  My name is Karen Hackett.  My family and I moved to the mountains just over a year ago.  I have 4 kids - Carrick at Loma, Fintan at C.T. English and my two oldest, Ria and Caymus, are at Los Gatos High School. I was very active in the school and sports community in our previous hometown in Canada, so moving to a new town was tough.  As the 2016 school year started, I was looking for a way to be involved in our new community.  At the first Root Beer Social, I was talking with a couple of wonderful ladies on the HSC and quickly decided to join the CTEHSC.  It was a great decision. I got to meet some great people and this is my second year as the secretary of the HSC.  

In my “spare time", I work at Snack Shack on Thursdays where I enjoy meeting your children as they come for their pasta lunches.  I may not know their names, but I usually know what they like! 

This is my second year coordinating the Turkey Trot.  It is always such a fun day!  In addition to a free lunch, the kids LOVE ending the day with pies and whipping cream donated by the teachers!

Another new for us misplaced Canadians is school wrestling!  Kudos to Mr. Kissner for making it so much fun for the kids.  My boys are on the wrestling team and we have attended a couple of the wrestling tournaments and the spaghetti/movie night.  What a great way to meet people — wrestling parents are amazing!   For the first time in many years, we hosted our own CT Wrestling meet on November 13. I coordinated the concession stand at the meet with CT Students and more amazing parents. It was a successful fundraising night for our sports programs!

Finally, being from Canada, ice hockey is still a big part of my kids’ lives; so Sharks' Ice in San Jose is my second home!  I was so excited to see that C.T. English has a Skate Night for the kids.  Naturally, I headed the Skate Night last year, and I will do it again in February.Make sure to say “Hi” when you drop your kids off!

Being a member of the HSC has been very rewarding. Being new to the community, I have made some great friends while also benefitting from staying involved in my kids’ activities!  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to say hi!  My email is

Fall Dance Update

Our first dance of the year was a lot of fun with glowing body paint and glow sticks galore!  Our queen of dances, Kristy Kent, did an excellent job of turning the Loma Forum into a dance club light show, and with the help of her daughter, Hazel, made lots of great goodies for the kids to snack on.  

Unfortunately, we had a number of issues at the dance with students using their phones and other devices. This goes against the policy for Fun Nights. Ideally, students should leave their devices at home. Going forward we have new policy that Fun Nights (with the exception of skate night) are phone-free nights. We will be “checking” all phones/devices that students bring with them at the door to curtail any more screen time distractions during events. Students can request their phone to contact their parents. See:

The Turkey Trot

The annual Turkey Trot will be held during school on Friday, November 17 and lunch for the kids is on us!  We will provide a morning snack, a lunch of pizza and sushi, and we will slice up pies (courtesy of our wonderful faculty) for the CT students to replenish their energy after their run! To read more see

Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire

Our biggest fundraiser of the year will be held on the first weekend of December (2nd-3rd), so get ready to get your holiday shopping on!  If your student is interested in selling items at the craft faire, make sure they fill out a student vendor application (which they can get in the C.T. office) as soon as possible.  Spots are filling up fast! See a list of vendors here:

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